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Thank you for your interest in Sundaya plug & play Clean Energy for All Solar Energy Products. Please see below for Sundaya catalogues, product brochures, price lists and other useful resources related to My Sundaya’s exciting range of products. Feel free to view or download the resources that are relevant for your project needs.



Sundaya Catalogue Eco-Development Soluti

Sundaya Catalogue

Off-Grid Glamping Solutions

Sundaya Catalogue All Products + CSR Pro

Sundaya Catalogue

Off-Grid Complete Solutions


Sundaya Price List USD

(applicable for international orders)


Sundaya Price List IDR

(for orders from within Indonesia)


price lists
product brochures


My Sundaya JouleBox Kit Brochure A5.png

Sundaya JouleBox

Kit Brochure

My Sundaya Ulitium Kit Brochure A5.png

Sundaya Ulitium

Light Kit Brochure

My Sundaya JouleStick Brochure A5.png

Sundaya JouleStick

Kit Brochure

My Sundaya T-Lite Kit

Sundaya T-Lite

Light Kit Brochure

My Sundaya JouLite Brochure A5.png

Sundaya JouLite

Kit Brochure

My Sundaya Marketing Materials - Intro L

JouleBox Kits

What’s in the Box?

My Sundaya Marketing Materials - Intro L

Ulitium Light Kits

What’s in the Box?

JouleBox Kits - Sundaya

JouleBox Kits

Step-by-Step Installation

Ulitium Kits CSR in Action

Ulitium Kits

CSR in Action

JouleStick Kits - Sundaya

JouleStick Kits

What’s in the Box?


My Sundaya

Company Profile


Feel free share any of our informative product explainer videos with your target audience and social media networks through the following links from our YouTube Channel.

target markets


My Sundaya - Sundaya Resort Brochure

Sundaya Resort Brochure


Explains how Sundaya products maximize energy efficiency, reduce electricity costs and provide an affordable, off-grid solution for eco-tourism and glamping.

My Sundaya -Sundaya Explore Brochure

Sundaya Explore Brochure


Explains how My Sundaya products can provide your eco-destination’s clients with a great mobile, off-grid solution for lighting and device charging.

My Sundaya -Sundaya Remote Brochure

Sundaya Remote Brochure


Explains how Sundaya is used for CSR outreach to provide a clean energy solution for homes and livelihoods for communities with unstable power supply.

If you should have any further questions about our products, feel free to contact us to arrange a zoom or whatsapp video call with one of our consultants.


We look forward to working with you

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