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Alam provides a range of services that support your eco development. Alam is rich in expert consultants and resources that seamlessly guide your project to achieve eco development goals. See below for an introduction to our integrated services we provide to make your project greener, more financially & resource efficient, environmentally responsible, and of course, beautiful. Alam will help you qualify as world leading best practice.


There's little integrity in designing a green building if your furniture purchases are unsustainably sourced, unethically manufactured or will need to be scrapped and replaced after a short useful life. 

Alams range of low impact, socially responsible and long wearing interior and exterior furnishings are thoughtfully designed and manufactured to bring sustainable style to your interior environment. 


Inefficient consumption of  electricity and water, polluting chemical cleaners and inadequately processed effluent, and the wastage of natural resources (rainwater, cooling breezes and biomass) are problems of the past.


With Alams eco tech solutions, stylish off grid 'plug and play' solar power systems, rainwater harvesting and wastewater processing solutions, correctly designed and constructed eco structures and our green waste recycling solutions bridge the gap between enjoying modern conveniences and low impact living… ask Alam how you can, indeed, have it all. 


Bambulogy 'eco wood' is the cutting edge replacement for tree timber. Instead of cutting trees down, our high grade strand woven construction grade bamboo wood is 'harder than hardwood', pest and water impervious, totally renewable and perfect for fast, pre manufactured structures we design and deliver to your site. This is the future of the green building movement. 


Our proprietary structural design methodology means greater strength (therefore interior spans) using no steel beams or concrete.  We supply the structure, you infill the walls, roofing material and interiors... voila: almost instant, cost effective eco buildings. Low environmental impact, high eco value, and the ability to be moved to another site if ever needed.


Contact us for our custom tiny houses and commercial spaces range, or we can quote on your custom design. 



Alam can work with you to develop eco concept brainstorming, site masterplanning, architectural or interior design development or general eco principles education for your team or community (and anything in-between) through tailored consulting packages. 


We use proven project management software and systems to deliver transparent, accountable and high value results precisely tailored to your goals.  Check our Consulting Services page for details on how you can have us support your project. 



​Alam conducts Team Trainings for organisations wanting to transform their performance from effective to exceptional. We work with startups, established businesses, NPO's, NGO's or one-off project teams to optimise performance and achieve successful practical outcomes.

During our training programs,  you discover what is (and is not) working for your project, how to harness existing capacities and individual strengths (while sensitively addressing bottlenecks which impede work flow) and identify burnout or enthusiasm killers before they derail your success.  We work with you to learn about each other's passions, skills, and what makes each of you most (and least) effective day-by-day.


Our trainings have a massive, scientifically measurable impact on outcomes, and we have the experience and insight to help your team reorientate themselves to create satisfaction and brilliant results.


Contact us to discover what we've helped other individuals, small local teams, multi tiered international teams and various government agencies, and how we can benefit your team too.   



Once is not enough!  

ALAM offers a range of single use plastic alternatives to transform some of the biggest land and waterway environmental vandals used by your guests into heroes. 

Bonus? Your waste disposal volume is cut too!

ALAM supplies safe and pleasurable to use 


  • stainless steel or pyrex glass straws (easy cleaning)

  • reusable stainless steel water bottles

  • bamboo toothbrushes

  • biodegradable bamboo earbuds

..which our design team can brand with your logo and eco-friendly theme/messaging to communicate your commitment to keeping our land and oceans safe. 



Communicating your eco commitment and how your programs benefit land, sea or the community is a powerful way to connect with guests, especially while they stay with you. Eco-signage and guest amenity packaging can be developed to inform guests of your eco programs and awareness, turning everyday service functions and in-room amenities into marketing tools your audience will take home and remember you by.


Our design team creates powerful explanation and instruction signage, up-levelling simple guest information into memorable education and marketing messaging opportunities, reinforcing  brand awareness (and making your staffs' job easier!).



It's disappointing to visit an 'eco aware' establishment only to discover all their hard work goes down the drain (literally) when maintenance, waste disposal and cleaning procedures result in unnecessary chemical, resource and time wastage, and land/ waterway pollution.


Our team conducts staff training to educate and specify eco products and innovative maintenance methods suited exactly to your sites requirements, which also reduce your operating costs.  Let us help you increase efficiency and reduce environmental impacts through teaching clever maintenance hacks we've developed through practical experience.


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