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Our Story

more than 20 years

and counting!

How it Began

ALAM Livings genesis was in Alam Santi Design, a 20+year respected pioneer in Indonesia's eco development sector. We realised during our commissions (creating master planning and guidance for the regions best eco developments) that clients struggled to find eco products, building materials and interior fit outs with the same eco credentials as our consulting services offered. 


A truly green development ought to carry the same philosophy of low environmental and social impact not just in the planning stage but right through to interior furnishing choices.  


Alam Living is the natural extension and manufacturing arm of Alam Santi eco consulting.. delivering practical solutions for a fully integrated eco project. 

Our Passion creating truly sustainable development solutions.  Our range of interior furnishings, tiny houses, prefabricated eco wood structures, Glamping tents, and plug and play off grid solar technologies are environmental solutions we feel passionate about.  Coupled with world class in-house architectural services, sustainable development consultancy and partnerships with leading sustainable development manufacturers, we get to make the world a better place, one project at a time. 

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