with ALAM you make a difference when it most counts

How it Works

How it Works

ALAM sets aside 5% of all profits for allocation to communities in need.

Our CSR activities include partnering with local organizations to deliver aid to local communities struck by disasters, and providing hands on education and empowerment for local community development projects.

Join Us

Join Us

In addition to our assurance 5% of the profit from your order will be passed to communities in need, we invite you to contact us to request documentation of the impacts of our outreach work.


This can become a compelling part of  your companies CSR communications, and we encourage you to spread the word of these powerful initiatives. 

Causes We Support

Some of ALAM's team members have years of experience working with the UN and other agencies on a variety of community development and disaster management projects. ALAM supports...


We distribute solar solutions to people in areas where these kits have an enormous impact on the quality of life and well-being of local families.

With Sundaya solar kits children can do their homework without straining their eyes and inhaling toxic kerosene fumes, fisherfolk can go to sea at night without the risks associated with kerosene lamps and families can save money on buying expensive kerosene while reducing the associated CO2 emissions.


When disasters strike in our region we are quick to respond. We have long time associations with well respected local NGOs who deliver life saving aid to affected communities  immediately following disasters.

In addition to supporting delivery of aid supplies to people in their greatest times of need,  ALAM is collaborating with CSR programs to develop earthquake safe house structures for families who have lost their homes.

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