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Glamtainers by GlamXperience® are stunning luxury units that are designed from the ground up. They can be designed for accommodation, common spaces, or stunning, retail or F & B spaces. Each model has a unique style, and can be further customised to meet your requirements.


Strenght & Quality

Thinking out of the box certainly applies for this unique extend-able shipping container.


Designed in Europe and manufactured in Australia, GlamXperience® manufactures its unique ‘Glamtainers’ to International quality and compliance ensured standards.


The flagship model is a 20 foot high-cube slide-out luxury accommodation unit, that can be used for a variety of purposes with an area up to 25sqm.

Flexible Use

• Resort or hotel accommodation

• Remote accommodation or offices

• Tiny houses or private holiday units

• Bed & Breakfasts

• Granny flats and student living

• Retail spaces and display showrooms

• Amenity blocks

• Anything you could imagine!


The side of the Glamtainer opens and adds floor space. This unique slide-out system expands the internal space almost 100% above the size of a standard container. The unique fold-down-slide-out system has a set-up time of less than one hour, done by a single person. In extreme weather conditions the containers can be locked up just as quickly, protecting your investment.


  • High-density spray foam insulation

  • Double glazed windows

  • Durable cladding

  • Certified electrical and plumbing fit- out and fixtures

  • We also offer complete interiors packages with all furnishings, which can be customized to your needs

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