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Glamping Tents


ALAM offers you incredible glamping tents that are well-known as some of the best quality and most sought after brands in the world. With ALAM glamping you get the best of both worlds, an incredibly luxurious facility with the fast turn around time on development that only a tent can offer.


International Glamping Style

Exclusive Tents stunning, eco-friendly tent designs set the standard for alternative accommodation worldwide. From a remote African safari to five star ultra luxury island resorts, Exclusive Tents is leading the way in a new era of sustainable green living.


European Glamping Pioneer

GlamXperience specialises in designing, manufacturing and building high quality Safari Tents, Tent Lodges, Bell Tents and more.


Thanks to their broad European experience, and headquarters in Australia, GlamXperience aims to become a leading glamping specialist for the leisure, hospitality and event industry in Australia and Asia.

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Eco Decks

Nature rarely runs in straight lines. Our organic shaped decks are entirely constructed of durable and beautiful strand woven bamboo wood.  Add on modules allow you to extend your deck space, or go with the streamlined base model. Low environmental impact, high visual impact. Easy to install and disassemble, our decks are the portable, sustainable solution for your glamping site.  

Glamping Tent Interior Packages

Alam Living offers complete furniture packages that perfectly compliment luxurious Glamping Tents. 

Our unique, eco-friendly glamping set ups are stunning, long lasting, and easy to maintain. A complete outfitting solutions that combines eco-friendly furnishings with beautiful off-grid lighting, and special features for tent-based living, ensuring guests a luxurious and memorable experience.

Feel free to select from our ready-to-go small, medium and large tent interior packages, which can be customized with dozens of unique mix and match items. Our design team is ready to assist or even put together a unique fit out specifically deigned for your project.

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