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The superior tent material


Selecting the right tent material for your tent is the defining consideration in your tent's comfort of use, energy efficiency, maintenance and longevity. 

About Our Unique Material

One of the things that truly sets GlamXperience tents aside from other similar products on the market is the fabric that is used to create these beautiful, easy-to-maintain and long lasting tents.


The main tent of GlamXperience tents is made from TenCate CAMPSHIELD®, which has a unique mix of four fibres that will ensure that your tents are flame retardant, breathable, and even moisture regulating.


Watch this video to learn more about the amazing qualities of the TenCate CAMPSHIELD® material that are used for GlamXperience Tents.

About TenCate

TenCate has more than 300 years of experience in creating some of the world's highest quality fabrics. The textile process starts with a careful selection of fibres, which are spun into yarns in a 100% variant or intimate mixing by open end spinning technology. On average, Tencate fabrics pass through the production line eight times before it is eventually inspected, rolled on tubes and packed.

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