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What we mean

when we say

it's green!


The ALAM Group includes some of Indonesia's top specialists and producers of high-quality, affordable and accessible eco-technology solutions. Let us help you learn how easy it is to get off-grid and reduce your environmental impacts.


Sundaya's patented solar energy systems have a modern clean look that blends into any decor, but the real standout are our stylish light shades and lamp bases, designed to seamlessly pair with the Sundaya light globes.

Our solar kits are plug-and-play systems so you don't need an electrician to get your off-grid system up and running.


Sundaya solar kits come out of the box with optional 50cm DC fans that fit perfectly inside mosquito net for energy efficient, directional cooling where its most needed, 2 USB charging ports for any electronic devices even and slimline solar TVs. 


When unmanaged, nutrients produced by human waste  can cause all sorts of environmental and health problems. With appropriate technology like our urine diversion toilets, you can turn this hazard into a resource and get the nutrients back into the natural eco-logical cycle that they work in by turning human 'waste' into valuable fertiliser for your gardens.


ALAM offers your project a range of practical and sure-safe solutions for managing your project's solid wastes. Our team of specialists is also available on-call to provide training and support for your facilities staff, helping them to maintain the systems and become environmental stewards at your site.


The ongoing use of items made from single use plastic in tourism locations is... well... a disaster. ALAM offers a range of quality, long-lasting re-useable alternatives, each of which can be branded with your company or project signature, clearly demonstrating your project's commitment to safeguarding the local environment.


Wastewater Gardens® is a time-tested, practical and timely technology initially developed in the Biosphere 2 Facility in the 1970's. Now used worldwide, ALAM brings you this highly effective solution to turn human waste into the fuel for lush and highly productive tropical gardens.


A truly stunning solution for your project's swimming pool, the Bio-Pool system delivered by ALAM is a closed system which cleanses water with zero external chemical inputs. It does this utilising the principles which mother nature herself employs. Seeing is believing! Come visit us for a swim and learn more about this unique system.


Watch this documentary of the construction of the 1st ever public sized Bio-Pool implemented in Indonesia.


Bali, alongside many other areas in Indonesia and beyond, is starting to experience the water crisis which specialists have been warning about for decades.

The islands ground water reserves are emptying .. in increasing areas, formerly plentiful fresh water is now a salty trickle. Harvesting rainwater is now not only the right thing to do for the environment,  but really is the most responsible,  practical,  and financially logical step you can take to safeguard your project and ensure a reliable and safe water source.

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