ALAM's media design team can create eco-signage and guest amenity packaging that helps to inform guests of eco technologies used on site and their proper use. These eye-catching awareness materials will also help your guests to learn more about your site's sustainability commitments.


water saving &

water awareness

solid waste management

& staff how-to info

single use plastic swaps

(with your logo & motif)

save electricity &

use solar solutions

General Eco Awareness

Artwork & Posters

wall mounting options

for eco awareness media

use natural soaps &

eco waste water treatment

special custom signage

made from wood

table stand options

for eco awareness media

Feel free to choose any of ALAM's existing designs and discuss with our team how they can be branded with your company's logo and or adjusted to suit your needs. Alternatively, we can design a distinct new items tailored to you site's brand and style. Feel free to contact us to arrange a zoom or whatsapp video call with one of our designers.


We look forward to working with you.