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Lightfootprint living has never

been so easy and beautiful


In partnership with world-class designers that are truly committed to ensuring a more conscious means of development, Alam offers its clients a selection of truly eco-friendly structures including some of the world's best quality glamping tents and unique, strand-woven engineered Bambulogy structures.


Our tent ranges are designed to accommodate singles through to the whole family. Decades of refinement and research have resulted in secure, long lasting and easy to maintain designs that enhance the experience of being comfortably ensconced in nature. Pared back and luxuriously appointed, they create the space for relaxation and simple appreciation. 


Bambulogy buildings are designed to reduce your a building's footprint through well designed, carefully laid out and enjoyably efficient functional spaces. ALAM designers have created authentically low environmental impact structures from sustainable and healthy materials that can seamlessly integrate reliable eco tech solutions for your power, water and waste management needs. 


Innovative Bambulogy® strand woven bamboo aims to change the face of the affordable housing in Indonesia. Our concrete-free multi-storey kos kosan (boarding house style accommodation) are healthy and inspirational to live in. 

These eco structures  incorporate ecologically-minded design principles, low and non-toxic building materials and passive cooling techniques. Reliable and quick to build due to their pre manufactured structural system, this is the leading edge of density accommodation in the region. 

In partnership with Bambulogy®, ALAM develops these safe, healthy and affordable managed facilities in ethical partnership with local landowners, to ensure that local land owners retain their family's heritages.

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