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The unique ALAM offering is made possible through strategic partnership of a select group of industry leaders in sustainable development solutions.

Coordinated by PT Alam Santi,  we bring together some of the regions best recognized talent and brands in eco-development.



Alam Santi thas more than 20 years experience empowering eco-minded projects to implement practical solutions for sustainable development in South East Asia.

Our team of seasoned eco-tech and development specialists are here to help you actualize your vision for sustainability.


Our team will help ensure you the perfect eco-strategy and products for your project, at the best price, with the specifications that you require.


Indonesia’s first manufacturer to harness sophisticated international technology and produce superior grade strand woven bamboo ‘wood’.

Bambulogy® structures are the ultimate eco construction solution, replacing structural members conventionally made from tree wood, concrete or steel with extremely strong engineered strand-woven bamboo wood. 

These structures provide elegant, cost effective and practical and durable building options for your site, and integrate beautifully with tent accommodation.



Exclusive Tents stunning and eco-friendly tent designs set the standard for alternative accommodation worldwide. From remote African safari to the five star ultra luxury island resorts, Exclusive Tents is leading the way to a new era of sustainable green living.

Exclusive Tent team's passion is providing structures that have a low impact on the environment, and in doing so, Exclusive Tents have opened the door for many projects worldwide looking to develop in such a manner that they enhance, not impact the natural surroundings. 


GlamXperience began designing and manufacturing high quality Luxury Glamping Tents in 2009 in the Netherlands, and took Europe by storm.


In 2015 GlamXperience Pty Ltd. was established in Australia and then in 2016 GlamXperience established an exclusive distribution partnership with Alam Santi to deliver their time-tested, high quality glamping tent range to Indonesia.



Ecophi is a sustainable design focused architectural design firm, specialising in Ecological Architecture and Sustainable Construction.  The goal is always to enrich spaces, making them healthy for both occupants and the environment.

Ecophi uses sophisticated Building Information Modelling & Energy Analysis (BIM) software to simulate climatic and environmental conditions. This provides reliable data to inform structural design that best responds to the environments in which buildings will be placed. 

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