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Affordable housing for the millenial generation


Truly sustainable development is good for people, good for the environment,  and good for the economy. Bambulogy® Kos Kosan delivers.   

Accessible Eco-Living

The number of Indonesian millennials and young families looking for quality, affordable accommodation (kos kosan) in urban centres is on the rise.


Bambulogy®  Kos Kosan provides vibrant housing by developing safe, healthy and affordable medium density housing in strategic urban centres.


The innovative design delivers low resource living through passive cooling , off grid solar lighting and fans, rainwater harvesting, low flow sanitary solutions and eco furniture inside a truly eco structure. Our above 97% continuous occupancy rate reflects the demand for our Eco-Kos, and there is so much opportunity to expand our concept to more and more Indonesians across the archipelago. 

Protecting Local Land

Across Indonesia, people reside on their families traditional landholdings, passed from generation to generation. Facing rising economic pressure, many of these families resort to selling their properties to make ends meet.

By partnering with Alam in a Bambulogy Eco-Kos, landowners are able to retain land ownership AND derive equitable economic benefit. 

Developing land in partnership with ALAM/ Bambulogy 

delivers a viable alternate for financially challenged families with existing but tenuous land assets, allowing them to build long term financial security for their families, and continue to reside within their community of origin. 

The more Eco-Kos we develop, the more eco wood Bambulogy needs to produce, and this is a really good thing for the environment, for communities and for Indonesia.   

Why? When Bambulogy eco wood is harvested at Bambulogy initiated plantations (which are deliberately placed in underperforming rural areas to provide jobs and alternates to palm oil farming), the area of degraded lands under bamboo cultivation increases. As bamboo has an extraordinary restorative effect on soil and water tables (plus sequesters carbon better than trees), so land and atmosphere also benefit.  The higher the demand, the more forests, the more jobs, the more (eco friendly) industry and jobs being created, the greater the capacity of Indonesians to live  well. 


This full lifecycle model  is what the world needs now.. carbon reduction, land rehabilitation, social improvement in urban and rural communities and responsible business models which give back. 

If you're interested in investing in this profitable and responsible business model, let us know and we'll be in contact. 

bambulogy logo white.png
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