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About Us

ALAM is your trusted partner

for all your eco site development needs


Our team has been working  for several decades with local communities, government and private sector projects in the region to determine, define, design and implement sound solutions to more sustainable models of development. With ALAM we present to you the culmination of these years of research and testing in a comprehensive range of practical site development solutions.

Our Approach

At ALAM we consider each and every project to be a unique expression of sustainability. We work with our clients to determine the specific products and development strategies that will support their vision in the most eco-friendly, cost-effective and smooth implementation process as possible.

Our Mission

We believe that the private sector and in particular tourism plays an enormous role in setting the stage and bar for better development. Our team is committed to supporting project developers and owners to ensuring that they have access to the support, guidance and practical products they need to develop in a way that would make mother nature proud.


As well as our businesses' day-to-day commitment to ensuring that the work that we do is socialising practical eco-logical strategies, we are also committed to ensuring that together with our clients we are giving back when it is most needed. ALAM contributes 5% of its profits to direct social impact activities.

ALAM associates

Our team's decades of work in both the private and non-profit sector has been an incredible journey to date. We are grateful to all our wonderful clients and look forward to working with many new ones to help actualise the increasing interest we see in eco-logically sound development strategies. Feel free to browse our portfolio galleries to see some of the moments from throughout the years.

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