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Eco-Site Solutions

Our Mission

ALAM Living offers you decades of industry experience in sustainable development solutions, combined with stunning handcrafted design flair.

Our Story

The ALAM team includes some of Indonesia's top sustainable development experts and eco-product designers and producers.

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Our Services

Our team is here to help ensure you have everything you need to make your project as eco-friendly, cost effective and smooth as possible. From eco-dwellings to stunning interiors, we make site development a breeze.

How We Work

Our team works side by side with you to come up with ideal solutions for developing and outfitting your eco project. From site planning to interior outfitting, we can do it all.

Our Unique Product Range

ALAM Living’s eclectic range of beautiful eco-dwellings, eco-tech and outfitting products have been developed in response to requests from discerning developers & B2B customers worldwide.






ALAM works with developers, project owners and B2B clients to provide beautiful and eco friendly site development and outfitting solutions.

With our support, production and delivery of exciting eco-development solutions is a breeze.

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